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The crew

by Stephen Tsai on April 24, 2015

Taylor Averill might not be the MPSF’s player of the year, but he certainly ranks high for sportsmanship. Averill, who is certain to be named an All-American next week, was genuinely happy that teammates Siki Zarkovic, Brook Sedore, Jennings Franciskovic and Kolby Kanetake received recognition from the MPSF. In nearly every interview, Averill acknowledges sports-performance […]


Averill, Sedore named to MPSF first team

by Stephen Tsai on April 23, 2015

Middle blocker Taylor Averill and opposite Brook Sedore today were named to the All-Mountain Pacific Sports Federation’s first team. Libero Kolby Kanetake, outside hitter Siki Zarkovic and setter Jennings Franciskovic were selected to the second team. Two key omissions: > Averill, who is widely considered the league’s best overall player, was not named player of […]

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No spring game

by Stephen Tsai on April 22, 2015

UH officials finally made it official: There will not be a spring game this year. Because of injuries and other factors, the Warriors will conduct a usual practice on May 2. The decision makes sense. It will give the Warriors a full teaching session. It also will help avoid past disasters. Two years ago, Justin […]

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Spring practice No. 9

by Stephen Tsai on April 21, 2015

Here are a few takeaways from today’s ninth practice of spring training: > Wideout Devan Stubblefield is not yet fully recovered from last year’s major knee surgery, but in route drills he appears speedy. He also is making sure-handed catches. > We’ve noted the Warriors are deep at the safety positions. Today, second-year freshman Dany […]

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Warriors are No. 3

by Stephen Tsai on April 20, 2015

After five weeks at No. 1 in the AVCA rankings, the Warriors dropped to No. 3 following two road losses to Brigham Young this past weekend. 1. Lewis (27 first-place votes), 262 points, 24-2 record. 2. UC Irvine (5) 251, 25-4 3. Hawaii 224, 23-5 4. Loyola Chicago 218, 22-2 5. Pepperdine 194, 22-5. The […]

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Schmooze or lose

by Stephen Tsai on April 19, 2015

One of my favorite Warrior alumni is Ricky Lumford. He’s smart. He’s funny. He’s charismatic. He was raised in hard-scrabble South Central, recruited by a coach who was soon fired, contributed to the UH turnaround in 1999, and never left the islands. He did some TV work for KFVE, coached at Saint Louis and, for […]

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Match day: BYU (Saturday edition)

by Stephen Tsai on April 18, 2015

Well, the volleyball Warriors probably need a redo on last night’s four-set loss to BYU. That’s the beauty of teams on polar ends of the MPSF. There is a rematch. The teams do it again at 3 p.m. Hawaii time. It’ll be on BYUtv. Things to ponder: > Charlie Wade is correct that the Warriors […]

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Match day: BYU (Friday edition)

by Stephen Tsai on April 17, 2015

> What’s happening: UH and BYU play volleyball matches tonight and tomorrow night in Provo. > What’s at stake: Because UC Irvine has zero chance of losing to UC San Diego, the volleyball Warriors need to beat BYU in both matches to win the regular-season title. (Irvine owns the tie-breaker advantage over UH.) > Why […]

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Mighty Samson

by Stephen Tsai on April 16, 2015

There is a modern parable about a billionaire, who donated a million dollars to charity, mocking his daughter’s boyfriend for donating only $20. The boyfriend said: “I only had $20. I gave everything I had.” Samson Anguay is, maybe, 5 feet 7 when he inhales, and 170 pounds after a full meal. But when it […]

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Parental guidance

by Stephen Tsai on April 15, 2015

The volleyball Warriors have loyal fans. The most dedicated appear to be the players’ parents. Carole McKellar, mother of opposite Iain McKellar, follows every match on the Internet. Well, actually most matches. She often travels from England to attend UH matches. Middle blocker Davis Holt’s parents donated volleyball equipment. The parents of California-raised players host […]

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