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The sub way

by Stephen Tsai on March 31, 2015

The volleyball Warriors were emotionally flat and in trouble. And then they brought in a setter who provided a boost in a comeback victory. That setter was Alex Jones last night. That setter was Daniel Rasay in 2002. In both situations, there was no questioning the skills and leadership of the starters — Jennings Franciskovic […]


‘Rainbows’ need to go to market

by Stephen Tsai on March 30, 2015

In May 2013, the AD declared that “Rainbow” would return as nickname to UH’s sports teams. (Actually, it would return as an adjective to Warriors and Wahine.) Three months earlier, of course, the AD declared that the men’s teams would be known only as the Warriors. That February 2013 decision, which came three months into […]

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Food network

by Stephen Tsai on March 29, 2015

For the volleyball Warriors, an extended road trip would not be complete without a barbecue. Today, graduate assistant Jarrod Lofy’s parents are hosting a barbecue for the Warriors and their families in Long Beach. The Warriors have some downtime today because the WNIT game will delay their practice in Pauley Pavilion until 7:30 tonight. Besides, […]

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Sedore reached 1K the hard way

by Stephen Tsai on March 28, 2015

In football, the relativity of statistics changed because of longer seasons and stricter pass-coverage rules. In baseball, things changed when the American League adopted the designated hitter. The NBA’s rebirth was trumpeted in 1979 when Bird and Magic entered the league. But that also was the same year the NBA implemented the 3-point shot. In […]

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The Mielke way

by Stephen Tsai on March 27, 2015

Matt Mielke’s initial plan called for joining the Warriors as a preferred walk-on safety/receiver in January 2006. That plan lasted that spring semester. He was not invited to the 2006 training camp. “There’s a lot of talent out there,” Mielke said. “Maybe I wasn’t quite the player I thought I was. That was back in […]

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Time to get down to business

by Stephen Tsai on March 26, 2015

One of yesterday’s oddest talk-radio topics was how much time should Dave Matlin be given to succeed as athletic director. It was odd because: 1) Matlin’s introductory news conference was 30 minutes away, and 2) UH’s accrued problems, like an accrued debt, are not the new AD’s burden alone. It would be like handing a […]

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Matlin to be named AD

by Stephen Tsai on March 25, 2015

Ferd Lewis, Dave Reardon and Brian McInnis are reporting Dave Matlin will be the new AD. Thoughts? * * * * * The top-ranked volleyball Warriors got an early start on a four-matches-in-five-days road trip. They departed campus at 5:15 this morning. That meant calling five cabs, a considerable savings from renting a bus for […]

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Spring football schedule

by Stephen Tsai on March 24, 2015

Here’s the tentative schedule for the Warriors’ spring training: Saturday, April 4 — Practice 1 Monday, April 6 — Practice 2 Tuesday, April 7 — Na Koa Golf Tournament Thursday, April 9 — Practice 3 Saturday, April 11 — Junior Day, Practice 4 Monday, April 13 — Practice 5 Tuesday, April 14 — Practice 6 […]

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Inside jobs

by Stephen Tsai on March 23, 2015

While there is the seemingly endless debate on Aloha Stadium’s viability, we have learned — through Tom’s daily reminders — that UH has more pressing concerns on the Lower Campus. Because of construction, a staircase and the main entrance to the athletic complex are closed, at least through spring break. Gym I, used for volleyball […]

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A good bye for VB Warriors

by Stephen Tsai on March 22, 2015

There are many benefits to a bye weekend. For the volleyball Warriors, they used it for the three Rs: Rest, recruiting and retention. Some of the ailing Warriors were able to limit their play in the three practices this past week. Head coach Charlie Wade was able to do some face-to-face scouting in Europe. And […]

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