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Holiday break: Blog returns on Dec. 27

by Stephen Tsai on December 21, 2014

It’s the holiday season. It’s time for faith, love, peace, appreciation, understanding and forgiveness. And because I’m behind on my shopping, the blog is going on a holiday break. We’ll be back in business on Saturday, Dec. 27. Thank you for the visits and contributions. Happy holidays.

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Graduation day (December edition)

by Stephen Tsai on December 20, 2014

* * * * * Running back Joey Iosefa: * * * * * Fullback Dustin Elisara: * * * * * Cornerback Tony Grimes: * * * * * Center Kody Afusia and right tackle Sean Michael Shigematsu: * * * * * Defensive end Nick Childs, safety Michael Martin, guard Dave Lefotu, defensive […]

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Seeking paradise

by Stephen Tsai on December 19, 2014

On the last day of UH’s fall semester, the Warriors continue to receive inquiries from Division I players seeking to transfer to the Manoa campus this coming year. It’s not always an easy process. Applications need to be filed and accepted, and such. Of note, because a player has to initiate contact, it shows UH […]

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Gotta believe

by Stephen Tsai on December 18, 2014

Forget search committees and screening committees and such. The finalists for the UH athletic director’s job should be the first three people who have legitimate administrative and fund-raising experience, no criminal history, and declare: “I want to be the AD.” That third qualification is as important as the first two. UH deserves an AD who […]

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LB Williams makes it official

by Stephen Tsai on December 17, 2014

Linebacker Russell Williams Jr. of Sacramento City College made his UH commitment official when he signed a letter of intent this morning, according to his guardian, Greg LeCount. Williams’ signing will be the Warriors’ only one today, the first day mid-year recruits may put their commitments in writing. He joins the Warriors in January. Slotback […]

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X marks the spot for Kaumeyer

by Stephen Tsai on December 16, 2014

A year after not being retained as UH’s defensive coordinator, Thom Kaumeyer has found success in Japan. The Fujitsu Frontiers, for whom Kaumeyer is consultant/coach, defeated IBM BigBLue, 44-10, in the X League championship game. Kauymeyer, who assists DC Norokazu Nobuhara, helped a defense that allowed 9.0 points per game. * * * * * […]

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Dead zone

by Stephen Tsai on December 15, 2014

Hallmark does not make a card for this event, but today is the beginning of the “dead period,” which means college football coaches may not make in-person contact with a recruit or his legal guardians. Coaches are limited to one phone call a week to a prospect during this period. * * * * * […]

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Ulu-Perry to take UH visit

by Stephen Tsai on December 14, 2014

Fred Ulu-Perry, a Saint Louis School center, has accepted an invitation to take a UH-hosted recruiting visit in late January. Ulu-Perry already has made an oral commitment to sign with UCLA. But there are 51 days until signing day (Feb. 3), and, well, ya never know … The Warriors have an open competition at center. […]

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Elisara shows persistence

by Stephen Tsai on December 13, 2014

Dustin Elisara was on track to be the Warriors’ starting fullback — a UH position not employed since the 1998 season — when he suffered a horrific knee injury during a 2012 scrimmage on Maui. It was a frustrating setback for Elisara, a 2010 Kapolei High graduate who redshirted his first year at UH and […]

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It’s time to stop the madness

by Stephen Tsai on December 12, 2014

Ben Jay can be nice. He can be well-meaning. He can have good intentions. But he can’t be the UH AD. Not today. Not for the next six months. Not ever again. When he opened his feelings about the UH athletic department that he oversees, he opened the door to his exit. His comments in […]

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