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Warriors: Pac-12 tour continues

by Stephen Tsai on September 16, 2014

Perhaps schedule-makers will remember the impact of opening with five non-conference games in a row when planning future schedules. In days of yore, the Warriors would have a so-called marquee opponent at the end of the season. With league title games, including the MWC’s, occupying early December weekends, UH is forced to fill its non-conference […]


Warriors: “Omelet Monday”; Harding is POW

by Stephen Tsai on September 15, 2014

Scott Harding, who punted 11 times against UNI with remarkable results, has been name the Mountain West’s player of the week for special teams. * * * * * It’s the Monday following a Warrior football victory. That means it’s “Omelet Monday.” It’s a tradition that dates several years. The players usually have a choice […]

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Aftermath: UH beats UNI

by Stephen Tsai on September 14, 2014

It wasn’t flashy, but it was the Warriors needed: A victory. The Warriors tried flashy in the first two games, opening the playbook to pages rarely seen. But last night’s game was about field position (24 punts between the teams) and ball control (the Warriors ran 15 times on 16 first-down plays in the second […]

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Game Day: Northern Iowa

by Stephen Tsai on September 13, 2014

In the old days, they used to call these “trap-door games.” It is a reference to doors that were on the floor of stages and … oh, never mind. We used a lot of ridiculous analogies in the past. Point is: UNI,despite being an FCS school that offers 22 fewer scholarships than FBS counterparts, is […]


Wade signs contract

by Stephen Tsai on September 12, 2014

Better late than … oh, never mind. The important thing is Warrior volleyball coach Charlie Wade has a new two-year contract that runs through June 2016. Wade’s original five-year contract expired a couple months ago. He continued working through an agreement letter he signed the past spring. Under terms of what is technically an extension, […]


Roll with the punches

by Stephen Tsai on September 11, 2014

Against Northern Iowa, the Warriors will be monitoring how officials are calling hits on punter Scott Harding. Harding is an intriguing test case because he is unique punter who can roll out to either side and punt with either foot. The rule is once he takes a few steps laterally, he should be treated as […]


JJ as administrator?

by Stephen Tsai on September 10, 2014

Speculation might be a fun party game, but the reality is June Jones is not — NOT — going to be coaching at UH in the foreseeable future. First, Jones and Norm Chow are good friends who talk or text each other regularly. After Jones stepped down at SMU on Monday, Jones and Chow exchanged […]


Next up

by Stephen Tsai on September 9, 2014

In addition to Steven Lakalaka, the immediate replacement for injured Joey Iosefa, Dominique Small and Justin Vele are expected to get upgraded workloads at running back. Vele, who was recruited as a linebacker, has made steady growth at the do-everything position known as F. He can play tight end, H-back and fullback. Vele is an […]


JJ resigns at SMU

by Stephen Tsai on September 8, 2014

Six seasons and two games after leaving UH, June Jones has resigned as SMU’s head coach. He turned the SMU program, as he did at UH 15 years earlier, but had a horrendous start this season, managing a lone touchdown in two games. * * * * * When a significant player is lost to […]


Garcia-Williams out for year; Iosefa out 4-6 weeks

by Stephen Tsai on September 7, 2014

Linebacker Jerrol Garcia-Williams will miss the rest of the season after being diagnosed with a torn ACL in his left knee, UH coach Norm Chow announced this afternoon. What’s more, running back Joey Iosefa will miss 4-to-6 weeks after suffering a fracture in his right ankle.