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Tuesday checkin

by Cindy Luis on October 25, 2016

Team back in Gym 1 today. They will be in there tomorrow and leave Thursday for UCR then Fullerton Spoke to Greeley. She said she is hoping to play front row soon. Had a cortisone shot and has been pretty pain free. said the bye week was helpful, allowed for some healing and resting of […]


Hawaii down a spot to 34 in RPI http://web1.ncaa.org/app_data/weeklyrpi/2016WVBrpi1.html nebraska replaces Wisconsin at 1. Badgers to 2 three opponents ahead of UH 7 Washington 10 UCLA 17 Kansas State will be back in a bit to discuss more but some below UH 36 Arizona 46 Long Beach State 61 Pacific 64 Cal Poly 69 Northern […]

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Volleyshots on break

by Cindy Luis on October 18, 2016

Am on the mainland to be with my mom. Probably won’t be online much, if at all. Wahine off until Wednesday and have a few light practices this week. Shoji on a recruiting trip, Hall may be with him or they may be splitting up. Not sure. Beach volleyball fundraiser this coming Sunday at the […]

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Hawaii down to 33 in RPI, up to 13 in poll

by Cindy Luis on October 17, 2016

http://web1.ncaa.org/app_data/weeklyrpi/2016WVBrpi1.html Wisconsin, losing again, stays at 1 Arizona, which beat Stanford (now 11) but lost to Cal (now 122) now down 2 to 31.

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No. 17 Hawaii 3, UC Davis 0

by Cindy Luis on October 16, 2016

Expect a lineup change tonight and we’ll see how long it lasts. As mentioned Castillo likely out with a leg problem. Davis’ staff now has Dan Conners’ wife. She played at UCLA as well, Becky Green. She has a one-match waiver to coach since the Aggies’ other assistant’s wife just had a baby. Links for […]

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Saturday checkin

by Cindy Luis on October 15, 2016

Spirited practice today You likely won’t see Castillo on Sunday. She’s had a bit of a leg issues that hasn’t gotten better. Shoji said they’re still looking for their best lineup. Mitchem said she likes playing both but likes to pass as well so that happens when she plays outside. Greeley still about 70 percent. […]

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OCSports streaming starts, Hawaii 3, UCI 1

by Cindy Luis on October 14, 2016

Happy homecoming. UH athletic department has been working on this the past few months. As of tonight, OcSports streaming is back for the mainland. If you are in Hawaii, you will be geoblocked. If you are in Hawaii and are an Oceanic subscriber, the stream is available by signing in with your ID at OCSports.TV […]

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Wednesday check in: Dig Pink Nov. 5

by Cindy Luis on October 12, 2016

They continue to look at things in practice. Shoji had hinted yesterday they may go to a 6-2, true or modified. Said he hasn’t ruled that out. Dig Pink is set for Nov. 5, The CSUN match. They’ll have pink jerseys that will be auctioned off, much as they did senior year of Jayme Lee […]

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Tuesday check in

by Cindy Luis on October 11, 2016

They were back at practice after a day off. Shoji had a longer discussion than normal before they started, lasted about 15 Told the team that every position was back up for grabs and that they were going to look at a number of options Those include Taylor playing left, Mitchem playing left, Castillo going […]

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Hawaii drops to 31 in RPI, 17 in poll

by Cindy Luis on October 10, 2016

Hawaii down 10 Long Beach State drops two to 53 Wisconsin stays at 1 http://web1.ncaa.org/app_data/weeklyrpi/2016WVBrpi1.html Hawaii down 5 in AVCA poll to No. 17 https://www.avca.org/polls/di-women/10-10-2016.html

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