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Game day Friday

by Cindy Luis on August 26, 2016

Lot of good discussion on the two threads from Thursday. Not going to recap all. you’re welcome to go back and read. Couple of things The VB Special Section is out in today’s paper and available online. scroll to bottom of the home page and under Special Sections, you’ll see Shoji holding a Pokeball. Had […]


Thursday part II: Arizona in, UH lineup, streaming

by Cindy Luis on August 25, 2016

As mentioned on previous thread, no announcement about UH lineup. But based on today’s practice, seems pretty close to what my guess was a few days ago. Or maybe it was yesterday. the days are blending in. Anyway, thinking S: Higgins M: Maglio, Castillo Opp: Koelsch OH: Granato, Greeley/Sibley (Greeley back row for passing, Sibley […]

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Thursday checkin

by Cindy Luis on August 25, 2016

Good morning Don’t be surprised if you see Maglio play 6 rotations. think it’s going to be Koelsch who is libero-d out. had asked Koelsch if she’d be in the passing rotation. she said she didn’t know but was working hard to be the best all-around player she could be. Although I said yesterday that […]

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Wednesday check-in: Shoji back

by Cindy Luis on August 24, 2016

Previous thread getting a little too long. some comments Castillo has been practicing at middle but also taking swings at OH. That mean’s both left and right. Which all of UH hitters do, Taylor included, since that’s how UH offense runs. Rights hit right twice, left once; lefts hit left twice, right once. People keep […]

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Taylor out with elbow injury

by Cindy Luis on August 23, 2016

She will miss this week’s tournament with injured left elbow Koelsch will move to OPP

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Moving the discussion some comments from Monday Will know more this afternoon about Taylor’s elbow. Shoji back tonight, at practice Wednesday it looks like setting will be between Higgins and Iosia, only because Koelsch is taking a lot of reps on the outside. she is still setting a little. It’s a tossup between Burns and […]

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Monday checkin

by Cindy Luis on August 22, 2016

School stars today. They are back to one practice, which will be this afternoon in Gym 1. Arena being prepped for opener and think they have some function in there Tuesday. so let’s continue the discussion over here from previous thread. Topics Yes the S-A is having a volleyball special. It comes out Friday. Yes […]

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Spoiler alert: USA v Russia

by Cindy Luis on August 21, 2016

U.S. rallies for 22-25, 21025 25-19, 25-19, 15-13 win for the bronze. Team apparently had to walk several blocks in the pouring rain to get to the arena after their bus didn’t have the right credentials to get past security Priddy off the bench started off 15 of 20, finished with 18 points.

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USA women vs. Netherlands; Wahine scrimmage

by Cindy Luis on August 20, 2016

Good win for the U.S. Karch was very happy to end the Olympics on a win. 25-23, 25-27, 25-22, 25-19 Second bronze. Other came in 1992. The team won Olympic silver medals in 1984, 2008 and 2012. The U.S. finishes the tournament with a 7-1 record. Scrimmage later this afternoon. Thought Castillo might play, she […]

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Taking ‘Dig Pink’ to another level. On Thursday, Berg had team do a digging drill wearing sox on their hands. since they were in humid Gym 1, it helped with not leaving sweaty skid marks. Interesting start to Friday practice. Supposed to be in the arena but the lights are on a timer so they […]

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